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Innovative solutions for tubes and hoses.

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BrakeQuip was founded in 1998 with the mission of providing a comprehensive Do It Yourself (DIY) program for making automotive tubes and hoses. The company’s innovative solutions include programs for brakes, power steering, and fuel lines. The company also sells specialty tools, fittings and equipment for a wide range of automotive plumbing applications.

BrakeQuip hose manufacturing systems solve the replacement part nightmare, giving you the flexibility and convenience of making and testing any brake or clutch hose on the spot. All hoses made with our brake and clutch hose manufacturing equipment conform to international safety standards. Whatever vehicle requires a hose, from the family sedan to industrial forklifts, you can provide the correct hose — fast. BrakeQuip hose manufacturing systems require very little training, so brake and clutch hose service can become a part of your business immediately.