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Intelligent Lighting Solutions 

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TYRI is an initiative undertaken by three partner companies with extensive experience in work lighting. These global companies came together to develop and produce an unbeatable range of work lights for off highway applications. It was essential that this lighting solution provided useable light, focused where it was needed most and was tough enough to stand up to the harsh environments endured in the Construction, Mining and Forestry industries. As a result, TYRI was born.

Drawing on the three partner company’s vast knowledge of industry and lighting, spanning over 30 years, TYRI continues to develop innovative solutions using the latest technologies. These solutions are engineered to deliver performance and quality to meet the specific and demanding application requirements of off highway industries.

Employing over 200 experienced workers, TYRI strives to instil quality throughout every task from development to manufacturing, ensuring that our customers get the very best product from the very best team.

With the knowledge and strength of the TYRI member companies, TYRI is able to adapt to meet the demands of the off highway industries and our customer requirements.

Lighting For Multiple Sectors

Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Heavy Vehicles, Material Handling & Mining

Styles For Your Application

LED, Halogen & HID | Xenon available!

ECO Friendly

TYRI is committed to environmentally friendly design


All of our waste electronics are ground down and the recyclable metals are extracted to be re-purposed

Proven to perform

All products undergo rigorous testin

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